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Shark Tooth Adventures on Amelia Island

Shark Teeth Adventures

If you are interested in a super kid-friendly for your littles ones in Amelia Island, shark hunting may just be your answer! The beaches around Amelia Island are truly the prime location for shark tooth hunting. Your children will be so excited to find these little pieces of marine life scattered along the beaches for folks to find. Sharks are constantly swimming around and losing their teeth, so they are not in any harm’s way. In fact, a shark may grow and use over 20,000 teeth in its lifetime! This is a fun, eco-friendly activity that will have your kids begging to come back to Amelia Island every year. Today, we wanted to share some information on all the shark tooth hunting adventures on Amelia Island. 

Shark Tooth Paradise

Fort Clinch State Park 

As we said, the beaches of Amelia Island are a shark tooth hunter’s dream. Fort Clinch State Park is one of the best places to start your shark tooth hunting adventures. Sharks have been guarding these waters around Florida since the last Ice Age. At this point, they are pretty much our aquatic neighbors! 

When a shark loses it teeth, their multiple rows of teeth simply shift over filling in the missing space. It is a pretty cool attribute that humans lack. As the teeth fall out, they collect in the sediment in the rivers and creeks along the coastline. Unsearched sand is pumped onto the beaches from deep in the Amelia River. Fort Clinch’s beaches are just waiting for an eager shark tooth hunter to come digging and sifting through the sand! 

3 Easy Tips to Find Shark Teeth

  • Bring a bucket or pail to carry any teeth you find
  • Look for dark triangular shapes sitting amongst broken shells and sand
  • Search by the tide line, where the waves crash upon the shore

Amelia Island beaches boast many shark species’ teeth, from lemon sharks to tiger sharks. Shark tooth hunting takes a little bit of patience and concentration. You and your little ones will be able to take a piece of the ocean home after your Amelia Island vacation. There is no cooler souvenir! 

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