Amelia Island Local Activities & Attractions

Air Amelia

Air Amelia provides Florida with first-rate aerial sightseeing. Trike flying, also called powered hang gliding, available along with our aerial advertising services. We have a 100% safety record. Our pilots are licensed and insured.
Phone: 877.933.6359

Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens

For more than 96 years, the Jacksonville Zoo & Gardens has been dedicated to inspiring the discovery and appreciation of wildlife through innovative experience in a caring environment. Preservation of sustainable biodiversity is a key mission of the Zoo. It now features more than 1,800 rare and exotic animals and more than 1,000 unique plant species.
Phone: 904.757.4463

Golf Carts-Golf Cart Wholesale Rental

Rent early and often with our FREE delivery and pick up service.
Phone: 800.940.3517

Beach Rentals & More

Beach Rentals & More offers most everything you would want, or need, for fun, adventure, or just relaxing on the beach. We are located right right down the street from some of the best hotels on Amelia Island.
Phone: 904.310.6124

Horse-Drawn Carriage Tours

Take a leisurely carriage ride on Amelia Island as you learn the history and see the landmarks in our 50-block downtown district which is listed on the National Registry of Historic Places.
Phone: 904.277.1555

Beach Front Horseback Riding

The Kelly Seahorse Ranch is the premier beach horseback riding outfit for Amelia Island and greater Jacksonville, and because of the uniqueness of our services, has become a destination attraction across the globe.
Phone: 904.491.5166

Amelia Island Museum

We are the first spoken history museum in the state of Florida. We continue our story-telling tradition with a variety of tours that cater to many interests and age levels.
Phone: 904.261.7378