What to Bring on your Beach Trip to Amelia Island
Planning a beach getaway can sometimes be a struggle, especially when ensuring your whole group has everything they need, but we’ve got you covered at Amelia Rentals. We’ll make sure your Amelia Island Florida getaway has just what you need for your next beach trip, as these are our top items to have with you in your beach bag.

Get the Right Bag
Going to the beach can sometimes seem like a daunting task, especially if you have a larger family and getting everyone ready can take awhile. Make sure when you’re on Amelia Island Florida that you have the right beach bag with you. A backpack or a large tote will work wonders for carrying stuff on and off the sandy shores. What you pack with is also extremely important.

What You Should Have in Your Beach Bag
One of the things that people often forget to pack in their beach bag is sunscreen! It’s something that is needed for everyone, so if you forget to pack it in your luggage, stop at a local pharmacy or grocery store where they will have sunscreen. These essential items help to protect your skin from harsh sun rays. We also recommend aloe vera to tackle those cases where you spent too much time in the sun. You can even opt to purchase aftersun lotion or gels, even creams that battle itching due to sand rashes. All these items will help you before, during, and after your day under the sun!

If your child needs flotation devices, make sure you have some with! Inflatable items like armbands, and beach balls, offer a great alternative to bulky toys and they pack easily. Just don’t forget a small ziplock bag or a mesh bag for collecting seashells, or stowing your phone, so that it doesn’t get wet while you’re at the beach.

Don’t forget a small first aid kit as you never know what might happen on the beach and having antibacterial wipes or cream, bandages, gauze, and other necessary items will help ensure that if something does occur, you have the right tools to take care of the job.

Beach Bag Checklist:
Skin Care: Sunscreen, Aloe Vera, Anti-Itch Cream
Entertainment: Music, Books, Toys
Ziplock Bags
First Aid Kit
Beach Towels
Beach blanket
Extra change of clothing
Your favorite snacks

Whatever you choose to pack with your for your family beach vacation, take a look at our checklist and make sure you’ve got just what you need for a day under the sun. From skincare to what you wear and all the snacks and water, you’ll need, here at Amelia Rentals, so don't forget these items when packing your beach bag!