Packing for Summer on Amelia Island

Packing all your vacation essentials can be a stressful task! You won't want to spend your first day of vacation on shopping for a pair of sandals you left by the door as you rushed out! At Amelia Rentals we understand that which is why we've put together the ultimate packing list for you to have the best Amelia Island vacations ever! Relax as soon as you unpack in one of our comfortable Fernandina Beach rentals without having to worry about forgotten items!

Beach Gear
Wide-brimmed or Floppy hats are stylish and efficient, but you can't go wrong with a classic Baseball cap. Whatever your style, you'll want to pack a hat. Although tricky to pack in a suitcase, you'll be thankful to have it as you linger on the beach. We recommend just wearing it throughout your travel to avoid it getting crushed. Sunglasses and sunscreen are also necessities as you spend your days in the rays, protect your eyes and skin! Don't overpay for a swimsuit because you forgot to pack one! Make sure to bring your favorite towel to lay on as you relax on the sandy beaches. Bring sand toys, floaties and goggles for the kids and make sure to style your favorite beach tote to carry all your gear as you scoot the beach for the perfect spot. You’ll find one of our Fernandina Beach rentals to be the perfect home for you and your family!