How to Relax on Your Summer Getaway to Florida
Summer is almost here, and you’re going to want to head to Amelia Island where the sand is soft, and the water is fresh. When you book your Amelia Island vacation with Amelia Rental, we’ll make sure to find you the best option for every family. Getting the right rental is the first to relaxing on your summer getaway to Florida. Here are three other excellent ways to help you relax while spending time with family!

Go Somewhere To Relax
Picking a vacation location where there is ultimate relaxation is a big thing, you want to relax so planning an Amelia Island vacation will be easy, especially when staying at one of our rentals right near the beach. You’ll be able to really unwind from the stresses of everyday life when you get to wake up to the sounds of the ocean waves lapping on the shoreline.

Don’t Do Too Much
One of the biggest things you can do while on vacation is not to do too much. When you cram a lot of activities into your days, you often don’t have any downtime, and that’s honestly what you’ll need if you want to relax. So, don’t do too much, plan out your day efficiently, so it gives you some time to enjoy the little moments in life.

Take Time For You
Make time for you and your family when on vacation. If you want to savor a cup of coffee, do so, if you're going to enjoy a day at the beach we recommend it! No matter what it is that you want to do to help you de-stress, it’s essential that you spend the time for yourself. If you’re on vacation with the family, make sure everyone has a day where they get to choose the activity so that everyone can enjoy some me-time.

Bonus: How to Enter the Workplace
Entering back into the workplace after a trip can also bring on added stress you won’t want to have, so planning a day before your trip to prepare is also much needed. Along with an extra day after you return can be helpful for planning, doing laundry, and it just gives you additional time for yourself. Easing back into work can be the harder part, we recommend not scheduling meetings or anything for the first few days again. That way you won’t be bombarded with a lot of information, which in-tow, will have you wishing you never came home from Amelia Island!
We know that you won’t want to get back from a trip and say, “I need a vacation from my vacation.” That means you’ve done so much for the getaway that you didn’t quite allow time for relaxation and de-stressing, which are an essential part of any vacation. Follow our three tips for relaxing while visiting our lovely island and you’ll see just why it’s necessary to let your Amelia Island vacation, relax and rejuvenate your soul.