Best Amelia Island Coffee Shops

Just because you’re on vacation doesn’t mean you stop needing (or wanting) your daily caffeine fix, whether you drink coffee for the energy boost or simply for the smooth, addicting taste. New destinations mean new coffee shops to check out, and you never know when you’ll find one you love. When venturing outside your choice of our Amelia Island vacation house rentals, these java shops are sure to give you the tastes and atmospheres that you’ll want to revisit again and again. Check out our picks of Amelia Island coffee shops during your stay, many of which also double as breakfast and lunch restaurants if you’re hungry. 

Amelia Island Coffee 
Located in the historic Fernandina Beach area, Amelia Island Coffee is located centrally during your explorations of downtown. In addition to a large range of classic drinks, this shop has dozens of pastries and specialty treats to choose from, ranging from café cremosos and cold brew floats to biscotti and butter croissants. If you prefer savory over sweet, order a breakfast sandwich, wrap, or bagel to accompany your drink. 

Story & Song Neighborhood Bookstore Bistro 
As suggested by its name, Story & Song Neighborhood Bookstore Bistro doubles as a place to buy books as well as beverages. To the delight of bookworms everywhere, many of their breakfast and lunch dishes are affectionately named after well-known titles, such as The Giving Tree Kale Salad, Rainbow Fish Lox Platter and If You Give a Moose a Muffin. Indulge in a book or two as you enjoy your choice of simple coffees and Rishi teas. 

Hola! Cuban Cafe 
For a more cultural coffee experience you won’t likely find at home, visit Hola! Cuban Cafe. To start, try a Cafe Cubano, a shot size of Cuban coffee. For something heartier, try the Cafe con Leche, a Cuban latte. No matter which coffee drink you order, all beans are ground right in front of you as you order them for only the freshest of sips. This is one of the more unique Amelia Island breakfast restaurants to choose from, with options like Breakfast Empanadas, Papa Rellenas, and the Tostada Cubana con Mantequilla, which is essentially toasted Cuban bread meant to dip in your latte. Cheers! 

Amelia Island Vacation House Rentals 
Of course, Starbucks and Dunkin’ are also nearby, but why default to chains when you can try one of our unique Amelia Island coffee shops? After all, vacations are all about new experiences. Perusing our shops might just become one of your favorite things to do in Amelia Island, whether it’s just for pleasure or because you need to hunker down and get a few hours of work done before you take the rest of the day off. When you’re done, retreat to one of our Amelia Island vacation house rentals to regroup with your travel pals and power through the rest of your day on your caffeine high. Call 800-874-8679 to book with us, or visit us online.