International Petanque Tournament

Petanque players and spectators from around the world are coming to Amelia Island for the annual International Petanque Tournament, the largest petanque event in America. This traditional game from the South of France brings a true joie-de-vivre all the way from the shores of the French Mediterranean sea to Fernandina, FL. Whether you want to be surrounded by wind-swept oaks or sweeping ocean views, when you choose to stay at our Amelia Island condo you get to choose your location without compromising comfort.  

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What is Petanque?
Pétanque is a boule game, similar to Raffa, Bocce Ball, Boule Lyonnaise, Lawn Bowls, and Crown Green Bowling. All of which feature players or teams that play their boules or balls towards a target ball. To win in Petanque, you must get more boules near the cochonnet, the target and smaller ball, than your opponent. After all the boules have been thrown, a ref will measure and evaluate the total score. Both feet must be on the ground at all time. The game is traditionally played on hard dirt or gravel. Tournaments take place in Boulodromes, which a specially designed for Petanque. The current rule of the game originated in 1907 in the South of France.

If you’ve never heard of petanque and want to watch this tournament, join us at Amelia Island to see some of the best players in the world compete. You won’t regret booking our Amelia Island condo as you experience this great sport.