What Makes Amelia Island a Historic Getaway
Did you know that Amelia Island is chalk full of history? Yep, it is, and you’re going to want to learn more about it while visiting for a fantastic springtime vacation. Plus, our beautiful Fernandina Beach rentals at Amelia Rentals offer the perfect accommodation for your family! Here are three reasons on what makes Amelia Island a memorable getaway you won’t want to miss.

8 Governing Flags
One of the most well-known facts about Amelia Island isn’t the fact that she was named after a real-life princess, Princess Amelia, but that this little Island in Nassau County, has been ruled by eight different flags. You’ll want to visit the Isle of Eight Flags at the Amelia Island Museum of History, to learn more about which countries (at one point) had possession of our beautiful Island.

The Light Still Shines Bright
There are entire a lot of, “oldest” fun facts on Amelia Island, and you’ll find that the Amelia Island Lighthouse plays no exception to this. It is in fact, the oldest lighthouse in Florida! While the tower is still very much operational, but the property is no longer open to the public except for Wednesday tours hosted by the city. The grounds are now open on Saturdays for the public to enjoy. View information on the lighthouse tour schedule and times, here!

The Oldest Saloon
Need an excellent brew to quench your thirst under the southern sun? Check out the oldest saloon in Florida, The Palace Saloon. Marked as the last place in Florida to close during prohibition this location sold delicious ice cream until it could reopen and serve alcohol. Check out their impressive seaside drink menu and sit down at the bar for a historic drink.

However you and your family decide to spend your wonderful time here in the Sunshine State, you’ll love vacationing at your Fernandina Beach rentals when you pick the best company, Amelia Rentals! Don’t miss out, on the even more historical fun when you traverse the small island and get to know every crevasse, museum, and fun fact along the way!