Shrimp Festival in Fernandina, FL

If you're looking to stay in one of the various Amelia Island oceanfront hotels, you're probably not the first one to have thought about that. Now we might be biased, but we believe our Summer Beach Resort rentals are the perfect spot to live like a local as you enjoy the shrimp festival in Fernandina.

Shrimping Industry

Amelia Island and Fernandina Beach boat builders were instrumental in making us the birthplace of the modern shrimping industry. Initially, shrimpers would cast a net in local rivers, but they soon realized they could string a bag-shaped net along the bottom between two boats for a higher catch. Shrimp were sold for five cents a pound, so they had to come up with an efficient way to catch enough to make a living wage. In 1913, an otter trawl was adapted to catch more shrimp. The otter trawl is similar to nets you see on shrimp boats today, complete with heavy iron doors. You can take a close-up tour of working shrimp boats at the University of Georgia. Their 73-foot shrimp boat serves as a multi-purpose fishery research vehicle and is often open to free trips. There is nothing better than plumb juicy shrimp fresh from the boat, come and try some for yourself when you join us for the shrimp festival in Fernandina.

The Shrimp Festival in Fernandina

For over half a century, Fernandina Beach hosts the Isle of Eight Flags Shrimp Festival. First held in 1963, the inaugural event began with shrimp boat races and shrimp fleet blessing. The festival’s food booths offer a wide selection, such as fried seafood, low country boil, shrimp gumbo,  grilled shrimp, Cajun shrimp, garlic shrimp, popcorn shrimp, shrimp salad, shrimp pie, and more. As well as fair-type food including sugar-powdered funnel cakes. For many locals, the Shrimp Festival in Fernandina is one of the most anticipated events in town! Several generations gather for the parade. Whether they march in it or they’re one of the faces in the crowd, everyone joins in on the fun of the parade. This Festival attracts more visitors than any other event or season. Always held during the first weekend in May, the festive atmosphere is as reliable as the tides. Well over 100,000 come to Fernandina’s historic district, to part take in this traditional Shrimp Festival. The Isle of Eight Flags Shrimp Festival begins with the Pirate Parade, as the pirates sail along the parade route aboard their ship, they fire their ship’s cannon. Over the years, entertainment like concerts, kid-friendly events, and more have been added to stretch the festivities into a 3-day event. You won’t want to miss Shrimp Festival in Fernandina, so make sure to book one of our Summer Beach Resort rentals today!