History of Amelia Island through Parks and the Lighthouse!

Amelia rentals’ plantation rentals are the perfect condos for your historical stay on Amelia Island! These beautiful homes are near the beach and lovely downtown Fernandina! While you enjoy relaxing beach days and fun time in our quaint town center, we know you’re also curious about the history of the island! Rest assured your curiosity can be cured as you plan your trips, whether you choose to visit Fort Clinch State Park or Amelia Island Lighthouse, or both; you’ll satisfy both history fanatics and nature lovers!

Fort Clinch State Park

As you journey north along the Amelia River, where nature meets history, you’ll reach Fort Clinch State Park, over a thousand acres of dunes, plains, and oceanic marshland. The Fort is open daily from 9 am to 5 pm, after touring the Fort go hiking or swimming in the miles of beaches and sheltered trails. Immerse yourself among the beautiful natural sceneries as you observe outstanding wildlife as well as historical attractions. There’s fun for all as you go swimming, fishing and sunbathing on the park’s three miles of shoreline. The kids will also enjoy shelling and shark-tooth hunting, as they collect these natural beach treasures to bring back as proof of their magical stay in our plantation rentals.

Step back to 1864, as you explore the countless rooms, galleries, and grounds of the fort you’ll learn about soldiers daily lives during the civil war. The park staff offers living history explanations of a Union soldier’s life, like the one of the first New York Volunteer Engineer, who guarded the fort during the Civil War. On the first weekend of every month, experience a garrison of many soldiers who re-enact skills such as carpentry, masonry, cooking, blacksmithing, as well as small arms demonstrations and cannon firing! The park also holds an interpretation of the use of many of the buildings such as the quartermaster, infirmary, and jailhouse.

Amelia Island Lighthouse
Florida doesn’t have many structures who boast legacy as long and captivating as the Amelia Island Lighthouse! This historical beacon was built in 1838, making it the state's oldest lighthouse to survive without significant reconstructions. When the lantern first beamed out to sea, Florida was not yet a state. Through the years, the old sailing ships became modern freighters and fishing boats. The guiding light kept shining and still guides mariners towards the Fernandina Harbor. The Amelia Island Lighthouse is open to for public viewing on Saturdays from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm. You can also enjoy tours of the lighthouse by making a reservation with the Fernandina Beach Parks and Recreation. Please, note you cannot climb the stairs of the lighthouse.
Our plantation rentals are a whimsical place for you to stay during your historical voyage across Amelia Island. Conveniently located near downtown Fernandina with breathtaking ocean views, join us for a relaxing stay before going back to school!