Kayaking near Fernandina Beach

When you stay at our condos in Fernandina Beach FL, you’re not only choosing a beautiful beachfront rental, but you’re also staying near the glorious northern coast!

Kayaking Near You
Embark on an exclusive, one-on-one kayaking adventure as you experience the beautiful coastlines of Florida with Amelia Island Kayak Excursions. Whatever your level of experience, these guided kayak tours will be a relaxing yet adventurous way to get out and see the wildlife and natural beauty of Amelia Island. Whether you are an experienced adventurer, or you want a relaxing trip along the coast, they have the perfect tour for you. Choose from Amelia Island Kayak Excursions’ 2-hour, 3-hour, and 5-hour guided tours for a memorable vacation. Whether you choose one of their shorter or longer tours, you’ll make “unsinkable” memories! They supply all the kayaking gear you’ll need including, a bottle of water, snacks and free photos.  Join their fun and informative excursions as you explore the natural beauty of Amelia Island and its’ surroundings. If you’ve never kayaked, they will show you how easy kayaking can be!

Kayaking: The Basics!
Florida is a popular destination for kayaking, and if you’ve never kayaked we recommend starting here! Although most people can learn to maneuver a kayak, we have some useful tips to help you stay safe on your next kayaking trip. We’ll start with appropriate clothing; most beginners dress outside weather instead of dressing for the water temperature. Quick-dry clothing will keep you comfortable as you adventure around the Sunshine State. You can thank us later when you get back to one of our condos in Fernandina Beach FL, and you’re not freezing cold and sapping wet. Secondly choosing your kayak, when going out the type of boat you choose can influence your experience. Pay attention to your kayak’s size, as well as how many people it can seat. The longer or larger the kayak, the tougher it is to maneuver. Make sure to choose the right size or get help picking the right vessel. You can ask a kayaking instructor about which kayak will best suit your needs. Thirdly there are three different forms of kayaking: recreational, touring, and whitewater. Last but certainly not least, rescue gear! Although no one expects to capsize, it is more common than you'd think. So, make sure you have life jackets, flares, and anything else you may need in case of an emergency. If you aren’t confident about your water-survival skills, we suggest taking a safety course.

After an adventurous day kayaking, warm up in one of our condos in Fernandina Beach FL. Get a good night’s rest in your oceanfront rental before getting back out on your kayak for more adventures during your stay on Amelia Island.