How to Make the BEST Sandcastle

Summer brings lots of families to Amelia Island, and you’ll want to enjoy one of our fabulous condos in Fernandina Beach FL. Create an amazing time at the beach by building a sandcastle with your family! Whether you’re old or young, you'll love the process and we break down the steps for how Amelia Rentals recommends constructing the BEST sandcastle!

Items you need:
1. A Sandy Beach
2. Shovel/Pale/Sandcastle Toys
3. Carving Items: spatula, butter knife, melon baller, straw
4. Creativity!

There are four items you’ll need to make a super cool sandcastle this summer, sand at the beach, sandcastle toys, household items for carving, and your much-needed creativity!

Prep It
Start a sketch of where you want your castle to be, make sure it’s not too close to the water. With moist sand, begin digging and packing sand to the dimension of your base. You’ll want to build the mound gradually. We recommend six inches of sand at a time, where you can pack down firmly, then add a bucket of water on top. Continue until you’ve got the height you want!

Basic Sandcastle: Two Towers and a wall; Place an upside-down bucket on either corner, creating a sand-packed wall between each side.

Make It
You’ll want to shave away layers with your household items so you can carve out your design. It’s effortless to take sand away, much more than it is to add it back. Slow and steady wins the race! Make sure you work top to bottom, that way you can ensure your structure is sound.

Pro Tip: Use cool sandcastle shaped buckets to help create an impressive castle!

Capture It
Don’t forget to bring your camera to the beach so you can capture your sandcastle structure in all it’s beautiful sandy, glory! Grab a quick pic of it before you head home for the day so you can always have those beach memories with you. Frame your picture when you get back home, and you’ll love seeing your day at the beach whenever you want!

Condos in Fernandina Beach FL
When you’re done with your day making the best sandcastle, our condos in Fernandina Beach FL are fabulous for families to relax and rejuvenate. Make an excellent dinner for the family or watch a movie, there are plenty of options to enjoy your time at Amelia Rentals when you book one of our vacation homes near the beach!