Beach Days in Fernandina Beach

When it comes to Historical trips, Fernandina Beach is the spot for you, between our outstanding Summer Beach Rentals and historic downtown museums, you’ll discover everything from Pirate legends to shrimping secrets, and so much more. Don’t delay book your Amelia Island rental with us at Summer Beach rentals.

History of Fernandina Beach, FL

Whether you’ve come to learn more about the shrimping industry or to find a long lost pirate treasure, you’ll find knowledgeable guides and locals to help share the rich history of our Island. Visit the Marine Welcome Center & Shrimping Museum, to find out why Fernandina Beach is the birthplace of the modern shrimping industry, and learn about shipbuilding, net making, and the families that brought shrimping to Florida. Discover how the shrimping business is kept alive through traditions and innovations and see food differently as you enjoy delicious freshly caught shrimp from one of our local restaurants. The rich maritime history is an import part of our island life, and we believe in educating our community and visitors, in helping preserve our local, state,and national heritage. If you’re looking for more general history, you’ll want to visit the Museum of History and discover all the hidden secrets, from student tours to ghosts tours. You’ll get to know all the nooks and crannies of Fernandina Beach!

Summer Beach Rentals

From oceanfront condos to beachfront homes, Summer Beach Rentals will hosts a wide range of unforgettable experiences as well asensure that everything is ready for your idea lisland getaway. We have years of experience in vacation rentals, and we’re confident we’ll provide the perfect spot for you and your loved ones. Amelia Island rental features the most diverse selection of homes on the entire island, whether you’re looking for a beach front condo or a plantation rental we’ve got all of them and more. Book your beach days getaway with Summer Beach Rentals today, for an unforgettable trip to Fernandina Beach!